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Cheryl performing ‘Love Made Me Do It’ on the X-Factor UK Live

We are back in full swing with updates. I’ve managed to screen cap Cheryl’s appearance performing on The X-Factor UK performing her newest smash hit Love Made Me Do It. I’ve also managed to get all the missing events of Cheryl and once I sort thru them I’ll add them into the gallery!

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Cheryl announce plans for new album

X Factor judge Cheryl Fernandez-Versini has revealed plans for a new album.

The singer didn’t release any new music this year but vowed that she would be back in the charts in 2016.

“My main priority is my Christmas dinner and my chocolates, then I’ll get started,” she said this week.

However Cheryl wasn’t putting any exact date on when we can expect her new record.

She explained this week: “I don’t know how long the process will take.

“It will depend on how inspired I am songwriting or whether I get sent the right songs, but I’m definitely looking forward to getting back into the studio and working on music again.”

Cheryl’s musical success hasn’t quite lived up to expectations recently; her previous album was her lowest selling yet after receiving mixed reviews from critics. Here’s hoping whatever’s next is more 3 Words than Only Human.

Meanwhile, The X Factor will also be back next year but it remains to be seen whether or not Cheryl will be returning to the panel again.

Speaking to us ahead of the final last weekend, Cheryl quipped that she was more focused on festive food.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen next year,” the now X Factor veteran judge admitted. “We don’t ever have these conversations because trust me, this time [of year] you’re so stressed, you can’t even think about what you’re going to do next year, you can only think about Christmas dinner and some time off.”

While Cheryl’s spot on the show is up in the air, X Factor boss Simon Cowell has already said he intends to be back for what will be the thirteenth series.


X Factor’s Cheryl Fernandez-Versini could be DROPPED by her record label

X Factor’s Cheryl Fernandez-Versini could end up being DROPPED by her record label.

It’s all because of a supposed row between the singer and Universal after her latest album Only Human struggled to sell.

The record has been Cheryl’s worst performing to date shifting just 60,000 copies since its release in November despite being supported by her return to The X Factor last autumn.

The Daily Mirror newspaper reports that a fight over her music career could see Cheryl and Universal part ways.

“Cheryl has very strong views about what she should be recording and releasing, but it hasn’t always worked out that way with Universal,” a source told the tabloid today. “Artists can do what they want in other aspects of their career, like touring and TV work, but record companies have complete control over albums.”

The insider hinted that a move to a new label could be on the cards following the behind-the-scenes tug of war, saying: “Cheryl wants to take more control of her records in future.

“She knows her fans, and she knows what they want to hear.”

Earlier this month, Cheryl’s husband Jean-Bernard publicly hit out at Universal over their promotion of Cheryl’s latest single.

“How come somebody as exceptional as my wife has to fight for being the best and even her own label and people that decide who goes on radio don’t move their a**es?” he complained.

X Factor boss Simon Cowell even ended up wading in, saying: “I know her record label and I know her management and they work very, very hard.

“I’ve read this kind of stuff in the past and [from experience] it’s probably best kept within a meeting room.”

For now, Cheryl releases her new single Only Human next weekend.


‘Only Human’ High Def Screencaptures Added

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