Help Crazy Stupid Love get to #1!

With the release of Cheryl’s eighth solo single, we want to help ensure that she gets her fourth #1! These are a few ways to everyone – even international fans – can help Cheryl debut at #1 on July 20th. If you have any suggestions or other ways of helping, please message the site on twitter (@cherylssource).

  • If there is an EP of Crazy Stupid Love for sale and it contains remixes of the single, you should download each song individually. Each download of the song, even if it’s a different version of the single, will count as one sale. So if there are three versions of the song available on iTunes (the single + two remixes) that will count as three sales if you purchase them individually instead of buying the EP bundle.
  • IF you have the money, you can also download the song from other official sites that count toward the chart, like 7digital, for example. But please don’t waste your money or your parents’ money just because we’ve mentioned that. You don’t have to purchase the same version multiple times but it can help if you have the extra funds.
  • Do you live outside of the UK and want to help as well but don’t know how to purchase songs from the UK iTunes store? Read this page and follow the instructions.
  • This one’s simple: request, request, request! Just email, phone, etc. any radio station that takes requests to try and get them to play CSL more. Now, don’t be annoying and hammer the same radio station with requests twenty times a day or else they may not play it.
  • If you’re a UK resident, you can use Shazam every time you hear CSL on the radio to help!

Things that will not help

  • Purchasing the music video from iTunes. If you want to buy it, that’s fine, but it will not count as a sale toward the singles chart.
  • Downloading the same song multiple times from iTunes or another store. It will not register as a new sale and you’ll be wasting your money if you purchase the single five times on iTunes because it will only count as one sale.