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Cheryl Officially Back for The X Factor UK 2014!


It’s official! Cheryl confirmed via her instragram today that she is, in fact, coming back for another season of the X Factor!

Cheryl Cole will tomorrow be unveiled as a new judge for the next series of X Factor, the Mirror can reveal.

The former Girls Aloud singer , 30, has signed a £1.5million deal to return to the show for one series after making peace with boss Simon Cowell. He is said to be delighted after she agreed to rejoin and believes she is the secret ratings weapon the ITV show has been lacking.

A music source said: “The deal was done over the weekend. Simon is absolutely delighted to have her back on the judging panel. Over the last 18 months, Cheryl and Simon have got back in touch and slowly repaired their relationship. And in January they had dinner with Peter Fincham at Simon’s London house. There has been to-ing and fro-ing but the deal was finally done in the last 48 hours.

“It’s all very last minute but now there’s due to be an announcement, It’s really exciting. Simon is delighted that she is back. With him and her on the panel it’s a dream ticket.”

This announcement marks an end to months of speculation that Cheryl was to return.

The music source added: “Simon was always very sad about the way things turned out over there and especially the way his relationship disintegrated. Slowly but surely they got things on an even keel and now they are stronger than ever. It was destiny they would be working together again.”

Her deal makes her one of the most highly paid judges on the panel.



Katy Perry: “Simon Cowell should pay Cheryl Cole ‘what it takes’ for X Factor”


And it would seem that Cheryl Cole’s latest champion to get her back on the X Factor is Katy Perry.

The 29-year-old singer, who previously worked with Cheryl when standing in as a guest judge on the show, urged Simon Cowell to pay the 30-year-old beauty ‘what it takes’ to get her back on the show.

She exclusively told omg’s source: “Of course I want to see Cheryl back on The X Factor – who doesn’t right? Simon don’t be mean – just pay her what it takes – The British Public want her back on their TV!”

She added: “Cheryl is absolutely adorable – and if I perform on The UK X Factor next season and Cheryl isn’t one of the judges – then Simon you are going to have me to answer to.”

You heard the woman Si, now get to work on signing Miss Cole up pronto!